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Discover a wealth of high-quality domestic and imported grades of paperboard stock by turning to our company.

Family owned and operated since 1922, A. B. Massa Paper Corporation continues to distribute a superior selection of domestic and imported paperboard grades; all guaranteed 100% to your satisfaction. We are known for superior service, and we specialize in paperboard for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and CPG industries, as well as packaging and commercial printers.

With A. B. Massa, you always receive the very best customer service in the industry. Our goal is to assist in selecting the perfect grade of paperboard for your project while providing great service and on time delivery.  Our team of experts stands by the quality of their work, and our employees have an average of 16 years experience to serve you better.

What Is Paperboard? Paperboard is all around us…

  • The box your pizza arrives in
  • Your morning box of cereal
  • The card you send on Mothers Day
  • The boxes your groceries, prescriptions and cosmetics are packaged in

It is important to note that most paperboard is recycled, and comes from mills that are focused on forest sustainability.

Massa Delivery

A.B. Massa can deliver in 2-5 days and offers 24-48 hour delivery on repeat and stocking business throughout the Northeast.